Self Evaluation

This website thing has been hard from the start since im not really a website type of person. At the start I found it hard to load stuff to pages, and although im sure I didn’t do it right, I managed to some how link them. My actual project that I was going to make, I just had no time to do that and I would rather to just build up my website. I think its good in terms of the fact I am a noob when it comes to websites, and I defiantly wont do one next year. It got really hard towards the end of the project because if studying, and I just had no time to work on it outside of class, which is something I need to work at for my major project next year.

On going evaluation

date What I did What I achieved
Week 1 Created a word press account; finalized a theme The really good themes are really expensive, so I guess I need to turn a crap one into a good website. It took me a while to work out which one I wanted, but in the end I chose Hemingway re-written
Week 2 Wrote a time plan; statement of intent; started researching So I decided to make a kids toy. Ive been research design functions, and working out what will be the most relevant materials in what I use
Week 3 Tutorial watching I’ve just been watching tutorials on how people make toys and the proc4sss people do to get there products out from start to finish.
Week 4 Drawing and rhino Ive started drawing out designs I can use in this toy. I also have started doing some rhino which is harder than I anticipated.
Week 5 Change of idea; new stamen of intent; tutorialsw I decide that the whole toy idea was to techniqual and was more of a dnt project then itm. So know I plan to do some sort of animation on after effects. I’ve been watching tutorials and doing little practices on after effects
Week 6 Reseach part of assingment I’ve been doing the research content, just finding and using my own words to describe and explain different aspects of websites
Week 7 Cleaning and finishing up It’s now starting to get hectic because exams are coming up and study is getting intense now. So I am just keeping it simple for myself and I am just making sure my website is good.

A good Website

This website is a good Website as the text, graphics and colours are sleek and professional.

Text- This websites text and content is a high standard. The topic is clear, and the pages are neat and tidy. There isn’t to much content on each page, which allows the site map to flow in a more progressive fashion with each page exploring a different aspect of Design. The Light Grey stands out from the white background, therefore it looks like it is aimed at a mature crowd.

Graphics- Each graphic represents a different page, making it visually appealing and interactive. This concept therefor allows people who aren’t good at English to still access pages, as they can follow the pictures to understand where it navigates to. The illustrations are simple but effective

Colours- The grey and White theme gives the website as a whole a mature and professional feel, which is defiantly important for this website as it is promoting a guys design portfolio. The dashes of red make parts stand out, but doesn’t distract the reader.

A bad website

This website is a bad website because of multiple reason including text, colours and graphics

Text- This text is horrible as te colours of the text is horrible because it dissolves into the background. The website has not been integrated with the visual well making the text look rigid and uncoordinated. The block writing is not professional, therefore it would not draw the attention that is needed. The bad use of paragraphs and load of content on one page looks as though the author has been lazy and has just chucked what ever he could on one page.

Colours- The colours clash with each other. This is because the website has not followed a colour palate which is obvious.

Graphics- the location and position of the photos line patheticly with the content. Especially with the picture of the man, who is covering part of the text, leaving the section of text under the man unable to be read.


What is Website Design

Website design is the process of collaborating how the design will look, compose and expose. To Design a website, a series of steps must be followed to ensure success in producing a sensible and easy website.

The layout involves working out where things will go in terms and how they are arranged in graphics, text and ads

A chose of colour palate is essential for you website to be sleek and professional, making sure that it will identify itself with the actual audience.

including logos, pictures and icons appropriate for your product

It is important to chose fonts that are clear and enable people to read it clearly and correctly

The content is the most important part of the website, as it is what makes it up.

What is CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets, or better known as it acronym, CSS is the software used for website makers to define and develop the look and feel for a website page. It allows developers to divide their website content from the design, allowing the HTML to function more fluently. It is an important content in website design as it persuades the mood and tone of how the website will present itself. CSS3 is obviously a more developed version of the previous CSS programs, allowing the CSS system to run with less friction and steep.

What is HTML5

Hypertext Mark-up Language 5, or better known to its initials of HTML 5, is the coding which makes up a webpages description. It is every websites backbone, and the core element to a websites aesthetics. HTML 5 is a higher level and more advanced version of the original HTML. The functions that makes it stronger then the previous versions include:

-The fact it doesn’t depend as much on certain plugins to make it run smoothly
– Mark up will replace script whenever possible
– Its independent
-Enables public development process